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        My School and School Life ——我校舉行110周年校慶英語角活動

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        My School and School Life ——我校舉行110周年校慶英語角活動

        為慶祝學校110周年華誕,豐富學生們的課外活動,開拓學生們的國際視野,創造良好的英語學習環境,提高學生們學習英語的興趣,英語俱樂部舉辦了主題為“My School and School Life”的英語角活動。

        To celebrate the 110thanniversary of the founding of Wenchang Middle School, enrich the students’ extra-curricular activities, broaden students’ international vision, construct a warm atmosphere for learning English on campus and stimulate the students’ interest in learning English, the English Club held an English Corner whose topic was “My School and School Life”.



        At 4 p.m. on November 24th, the activity was held outdoors near the Shusi Pavilion. Four experienced foreign teachers who were good at motivating the students to speak English were invited to participate in the activity. The crowd burst into laughter and applause. The students improved their English expression ability and guts. Besides, they gained more knowledge about English.


        At first students were too shy and nervous to say anything. Carol coming from America played an icebreaking game with the students, which provided a relaxed atmosphere and shortened the distance between them. Then the students joined the conversation actively.




        It was not the first time that Lindy and Joe had taken part in the English Corner. Quite a few students were impressed by their humor and the students greeted the teachers warmly as they arrived. The lively communication attracted other students to joining in the conversation.




        Some people may misunderstand the English Corner. They may think that the activity is designed and prepared for the students who can speak fluent English. However, that is not the real English Corner. Actually, anyone who is interested in English is welcome to learn English here. Indeed, there were fluent English speakers. Also, the students who could only say several words became the ones who could use sentences to express themselves. Even the students who didn’t dare to say what they thought could say something in the end. All students can improve themselves and make progress in the English Corner.


        Michael, a Belgian, radiated an infectious enthusiasm for guiding the students to make a conversation related to Wenchang Middle School with his body-language. The students introduced our beautiful campus, the mascot and a range of activities in celebration of the school’s 110thanniversary to him. At the end of the activity, some students tried to use their own words to express the love for the school by saying “Wenzhong nurtures me to a talent and Wenzhong will feel proud of my achievement”.


                Since the activity was held during the anniversary, not only the current students but also the graduates dressed in school uniform joined in the activity. Wu Shifa, a student in Class 8 of the class of 2016, came back from Shenzhen on purpose to celebrate the anniversary. He blended into the crowd to practise oral English. He said that they didn’t have such a kind of activity when he was in the high school. In his opinion, the activity is useful for it provides the students with a good opportunity to learn and use the language, which enriches the school life. At the same time, he noticed that some students still didn’t dare to speak English. The main reason was that they were afraid of making mistakes. “To forge iron, one must be strong.” The famous remark of Chinese President Xi was quoted by Wu Shifa to encourage the students to improve themselves and lay a solid foundation for their future. He suggested that the students should not be afraid of making mistakes, which is a normal thing during the learning process.



                 After the activity, the students took photos with the foreign teachers and expected to participate in the next activities.



               THE END




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